Our story

Co-Founders, Dalton Meredith & Jodie Brutto

"Working with and owning sporting dogs ourselves, we noticed there was a big gap in the market for a drink to naturally hydrate our dogs that has ingredients that benefit them and adds natural value. We wanted a product that would allow them to perform to the best of their abilities without adding chemicals or additives. All the ingredients we have chosen, and will continue to select in the future, will be beneficial to our own dogs."

During the start of the year, one of my dogs was suffering from regular UTIs. After investigations by vets and consultations, the conclusion was made that she simply wasn't taking in enough water, leading to dehydration and subsequent UTIs. While looking for methods to encourage her drinking, we faced a few stumbling blocks. Firstly, some drinks she didn't like the taste of. Some we found needed storing in freezers and defrosting or using within a certain time frame. The products were also hard to travel with. Many of the drinks contained ingredients that had no real benefit for our dogs, were artificial, and unnecessary just to get the dogs to drink them. This led to us asking why there was no alternative, not just for dogs that needed hydration for specific problems (UTIs), but also for everyday hydration. After discussing this with Holly, owner of Sports Dog Nutrition, we realized that many people would be facing the same problem. This experience led to us developing a hydration drink that could not only be used on a daily basis to promote all-around well-being but that would also benefit our sporting dogs.

Co-Founder: Jodie Brutto

After many years of owning dogs and being deeply involved in agility competitions, this year, my dog Clippy and I were selected to represent Team GB at the European Opens and the Agility World Championships in Denmark and the Czech Republic. I've always prioritized high-quality dog food, using only the finest ingredients to ensure that my dogs thrive in their daily lives and competitions. However, I noticed a crucial element was missing, something that food couldn't provide: proper hydration!

In my search for a solution, I soon realized that many pet products contained unnecessary additives and ingredients that did not benefit my dog. Jodie, who was sharing a similar problem, led us to founding Better Dog. Our initial product, Better Hydration, is made with only natural ingredients, ensuring that it provides genuine benefits to your dog. Thanks to this addition to our routine, Clippy and I managed to win at both the European Open and Agility World Championships in 2023, a historic achievement as the first to win both titles in the same year.

At Better Hydration, our commitment is to offer products that we wholeheartedly believe in and trust enough to use on our own dogs. We look forward to a future where all dogs can enjoy better health and greater success.

Co-Founder: Dalton Meredith

Working with Dog Sport Nutritionist Holly Barker (Sports Dog Nutrition)

About Holly...

Holly is a canine nutrition expert, specializing in the nutritional needs of canine athletes and working dogs. With 18 years of experience across various medical fields, she has dedicated the last decade to evidence-based canine nutrition practices. Holly works with high-achieving dogs, including members of Team GB Agility, Crufts champions, champion working sheepdogs, flyball competitors, gun dogs, and other canine athletes from various disciplines.

We are proud to be working with Holly.

For personal nutritional consultation enquiries Holly can be contacted via email: